Software Development

The Shelby Group understands the competitive advantage that technology gives to a business. Often, off-the-shelf software packages are not well suited to the unique challenges of a business. Whether your needs are best satisfied with a uniquely developed solution, or through extensions and customizations of an existing solution, we have the experience to deliver.

We understand the importance of taking a customer-centric view of software development. Our projects start with a consultancy-based methodology that allows us to act as an extension of your organization. We understand that successful projects are integrated into your existing infrastructure and business process, not bolted on.

  • Custom Application Development
  • Application Configuration / Extensions
  • Thin Client / Multi-Tier
  • Multiple Development Languages
  • Web Services

Software Re-Engineering

Businesses make significant investments in technology solutions. Ensuring that your investment continues in the future can be a challenge. Software re-engineering is a process that takes your current investment in 'legacy software' and migrates it to utilize newer technologies. By effectively using newer technologies, your software investment may be capable of reducing support costs, leveraging new markets or introducing new features.

The Shelby Group can help preserve your business investment. Our consultants know how to help evaluate your existing applications, propose alternative solutions and help implement new technologies. We understand that there are technology options and that matching those options to your technology portfolio is a critical step. A new application that your existing support organization cannot support is not a step forward.

  • Software Re-Factoring
  • Legacy Application Refresh
  • Porting / Integration
  • Application Encapsulation
  • Web Services

Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Ensuring that your software meets the requirements is critical to the overall success of any solution. Errors in your software are undesirable. In some industries, it is unacceptable. Our software testing personnel are familiar with Verification and Validation (V&V) of software in several regulated industries. Ensuring that boundary conditions are fully tested and that abnormal conditions and events are discovered is critical. Ideally, these processes are done during the development, but our experts can help you with critical software testing at any stage of your software development lifecycle.

Our software quality analysts use cutting-edge software to assist in the testing process. Documentation of each identified problem is critical to assisting the development staff in problem resolutions. Our quality analyst are experts in planning and requirements analysis which helps the team design out problems during the architecture of the solution. Regression testing is a critical step to ensure that unintended side effects are not introduced into future software releases. Our team help manage this process to ensure that regression testing is a well-managed process.

  • Release Life Cycle Management
  • Test Development/Management
  • Verification & Validation Experience
  • Automated Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Cross-Platform Testing

Software Support / Operations Support

World-class software applications need world-class support. Planning for the total life cycle of software solutions includes providing support for your software applications. Our team understands the need for clear and concise software support. We understand that each organization is unique so we work with your support organization to find a synergistic support method.

Our support team can provide services ranging from front-line support to training services to your team. We understand that support is not a part-time job and that when the phone rings it is critical. We understand that our support team is an extension to your mission critical support.

  • End-User Curriculum
  • Application Run Books
  • On Call Application Specialist
  • Data Management