Software Development Life Cycle

Effective application development, testing and deployment depend upon a robust software life cycle. Organizations need the flexibility to choose the the most applicable software life cycle and match it to their organization's development projects. Whether this Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is Agile, Spiral, Iterative, or Waterfall, your team needs the confidence that your partner can help guide you through the acronyms to a process that works.

Our professionals understand the realities of software development projects and take a pragmatic approach to working with your team. Whether leading a project or supplementing your leadership as a team member, our staff has the experience to contribute.

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Training Services

The Shelby Group has been helping our clients implement effective training programs for over 15 years. Whether you need to provide dedicated training classes, open enrollment courses, or need assistance in the development of course curriculum, we can help. Our experience in developing and delivering training programs is based upon a repeatable methodology for delivering education to people. We understand that without an effective training and commissioning program, projects are likely to fail.

Our team will help guide you through the process of developing and delivering an effective training program for your project. We deliver turn-key solutions for training, or can help you implement and effective train-the-trainer program. We have experience in providing training throughout the United States and Canada, and have handled large training initiatives for complex projects.

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Backup & Recovery Solutions

Information is vital to your business. The loss of your critical business information could seriously impact you operations, or degrade your competitive advantage in the market. But, accidents can and do happen. Ensuring that you have proven capabilities to recover when the unexpected strikes is key.

Our experience in developing and executing effective backup strategies is tailored to your situation. We understand that every business is different and work to implement a backup solution that meets your needs. Whether you need a complete strategy to safeguard against a multi-site disaster or your needs are specific to a critical application, we can help you leverage the most appropriate, cost-effective technology.

We are trusted advisors. We do not resell software. Our consultants and technical staff work with you to find the best solution, not the simply the latest trend.